12 Aug 2017
Day 17 - Game drive, Kariega

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11th August
We had an early wake up today to grab a light breakfast at 7:15 before heading out on a game drive in the morning.
On the plains there was a wide variety to be seen today. Elephants, lions, rhinos and zebras were only a few of the beasts on display this fine morning. A rancid smell filled the air as the jeeps passed a giraffe carcass which we were told would sustain the two male lions that guarded it for a couple of weeks!

Everyone anxiously hoped to get a mere sight of the elusive hippopotami. Fortunately I was on one of the few jeeps that got to get a glimpse of the beasts lurking in the swamp before returning to the lodge for a more substantial breakfast.

The middle of the day was filled with lounging around on the pool, in addition to our individual talks with our respective coaches to wrap up the tour and know what we need to work on in future.

After lunch (which included a succulent ostrich steak) we went back out for an afternoon game drive which culminated with an anxious wait as our jeep stalked a lioness which was herself stalking what we suspect was an impala (a local deer). Unfortunately (or fortunately) the prey got away and Aristot Benz-Salomon was desperately upset not to see the poor deer in pieces.

After an impressive, meaty outdoor dinner, the players and coaches gathered round to wish Ben Clarke a happy birthday and award a several prizes to players. With coaches also contributing their favourite moments of the tour, the night concluded with all of the touring party in high spirits and with memories to last a lifetime.

J Amachree