04 Feb 2018
Modern Pentathlon: 21 Medals won by Whitgift at Whitgift Triathlon 2018

The Whitgift Modern Pentathlon Squad enjoyed fantastic results at the first triathlon of the season, dominating the podium. A huge number of athletes were competing in their first ever swim, run, shoot event having only been introduced to the sport a matter of months ago. Having such a large number engaged in the sport really helps to drive it forwards and all squad members should be proud of results achieved.


U13 boys - gold, silver, bronze

U15 girls - gold

U15 boys - gold, silver, bronze

U17 boys - gold


U11 girls silver - Bethan Whitfield

U11 boys silver - Hector Jones

U13 girls gold - Gabrielle Holland

U13 girls bronze - Amber Bloomfield

U13 boys gold - Rudy Kool

U13 boys silver - Charlie Cotgrove

U13 boys bronze - Liam Beveridge

U15 girls bronze - Sophia Lorke

U15 boys gold - Martin Van Domselaar

U15 boys silver - Luis Grainger

U15 boys bronze - Quentin Aude-Lange

U17 girls silver - Tay Blair

U17 boys gold - George Simpson

U17 boys bronze - Theo Cheshire