28 Jul 2019
Day 1 - George Prest & Chris Charteris

Day 1

A fantastically positive review of our journey and first day in NZ - Cheers lads! Everyone in high spirits, particularly Mr Webb!

Was a bright and promising start to the tour when the possible 6 hour delay got reduced to 45 minutes. The attempts of many to stay awake was short lived due to the bang average choices of movies. The plane food was also bang average, especially the option of the chicken chow mein which was significantly below par. This was also the same for the second flight. Landed in Auckland and was a pretty quick turn around, however we managed to already be one bag down. We got onto the coaches and went to Dilworth school to watch a key rugby game. It ended up being 14-0 to Dilworth as we witnessed a completely different style of rugby. Hotel is nice and the long journey left many in need of a shower, the pool could be worked on, but the hamburger and chips were a huge positive. We all then sat down to watch the NZ vs South Africa game however unfortunately the majority were defeated by jet-lag. Good way to start the tour and plenty more to come.