29 Jul 2019
Day 2 - Eoin Finn & Tim Taylor

Day 2 - First training session and tour of Auckland

Today, due to jet lag, we woke up bright and early, some earlier than others. We were treated to a full English breakfast with hash browns that were God level. Near the end of breakfast Piero Noah was nominated our forfeit of the day, for exchanging his English pounds into American dollars! We hopped on the coach and were treated to a guided tour of Auckland. We were driven to the memorial of Michael savage the first labour prime minister of New Zealand. After we went to the outside of the national museum us boys were fascinated by a slanted water fountain in front of the national war memorial. Soon after we went to mount Eden where a 50 meter crater lay, at the summit we had a cracking view of the whole of Auckland. We went to have lunch, some had burgers, and some had pizza and some went swimming, it was bloody cold but the kiwi spectators seemed to be entertained. To start off the coach journey to Eden park Mr Lewis suggested the excellent idea of karaoke, with Max Orr starting off with a variation of Liverpool’s song “allez allez allez” and with the self proclaimed comedian Mr Webb cracking some of the worst jokes in history, eventually arriving at Eden park, the home of New Zealand rugby. In the space of an hour we were given a guided tour of the upper stand, the VIP suite, the coaches boxes and the changing rooms. After the tour the karaoke continued with Tristan Faillenet’s singing a song in his native tongue (French), followed by Malachi Opara and Shay Patel’s hilarious renditions of “Chantel” and “Summer”. Finally we trained with two prestigious coaches from the Auckland blues. Lots of cobwebs were brushed off in the preparation for Tuesdays game against Hamilton Boy’s High School. Showers were had and dinners eaten at an array of restaurants with lights out by 10:30 as a tired group of boys attempt to remove all traces of the sleep deprivation experienced on the 23 hour flight the day previous.