31 Jul 2019
Day 3 - Jake Murray and Ed Matthews

Day 3 - Ed and Jake

Unfortunately Jake and Ed failed to provide the blog so here’s a run down:

  • Went up the sky tower
  • Arrived Hamilton Boys School
  • Training session with Scott McLeod (All Blacks Defence coach).
  • Excellent meal with opposition staff.

Everyone well!

***EDIT*** - 2 days late!

We all somehow woke up punctual for a big buffet breakfast with Malachi and Max Orr demolishing all the bacon and sausages. Angus was then given the prestigious award of ‘forfeit of the day’ having to wear a purple skin tight leotard.

After laughing at a humiliated Angus Shehan the lads headed out on a trip to the Auckland sky tower. On the journey we were entertained by multiple pieces of Karaoke, our personal favourite was Ioan Parry who sang Lewis Capaldi ‘Someone you loved’. We arrived at the sky tower, but we began to notice a few nervous bodies throughout the squad . We were brought back to nursery as we were all given pencils and paper to play around with.

We entered the lift at 12 at a time, and with after eating all the bacon and sausages Max Orr and Malachi were in the same lift leaving everyone anxious with the weight limit. Once we began moving upwards it was quickly brought to our attention that a certain Joe Vajner had noticed the glass floor in the elevator leaving him with trembling legs, which we had only anticipated to come out during the first encounter with the haka. It’s also important to mention the stunning view that we had over the whole of Auckland, which the lads enjoyed taking a few pictures of.

After our trip up the Auckland sky tower, we continued our journey to Hamilton which was accompanied by more karaoke and poor banta by Mr Webb. ‘I went to the doctors the other day’, ‘I’ve lost my passport’ and ‘In the summer’ are three of his shocking favourites. We arrived at Hamilton boys school, where Angus Sheman caught the attention of all the students but not for the right reasons.

Once there, we had a solid training session with All Blacks defence coach and assistant manager, Scott Macleod, giving us some useful tips on catching skills and passing drills. Then we headed over to the assembly hall to meet our billets with some interesting pronunciations of names such as ‘nail’ for Niall and ‘perrero’ for Piero. To conclude the day it was nice to meet all our billets and were well rested for the big games the next day.