05 Aug 2019
Day 7 - Ollie Matthews

Day 7 - Travel to Wellington

The day started off with a rendition of “don’t you want me baby” by Mr Stradwick and Miss Martin as their punishment for leaving tour to go and see some glow worms. Mr Stradwick followed this with a stunning rendition of the Fresh prince of Bel-Air theme.

As we drove through the scenic mountain roads, Ioan Parry and George Prest did some karaoke, which had everyone but Malachi and Piero singing along.

We arrived in Wellington after having Mr Webb on the mic for a record 2 hours. A quick check-in at the hotel and then we visited the Te Papa museum which was the only museum Wilko ever has ever enjoyed. In the evening different boys went on different team bonding exercises, seeing the usual sights of the city - Rebel sports, Nandos and McDonalds. To finish, we raced around the harbour on electric scooters. (Safely, of course).