05 Aug 2019
Day 8 - Charlie Beckett

Day 8 - Ferry to the South

It was an early 6:30 breakfast, with 50 boys in high hopes unknowing of the terrors that would lie ahead. We arrived at the Wellington terminal with plenty of time to spare. As we boarded the ship the colour left Mr Stradwick’s cheeks faster than Webby’s laugh after he cracks a gag. It was a rather mellow start as we were leaving the Wellington docs, a few ripples here and there, just as Gavin the bus driver had told us. The boat started to rock up and down as we hit the main body of our journey across the cook strait, the swell only got larger, was like an over dramatic scene out of deadliest catch. Jake Murray was the first to go, he used the men’s lavatory not only for his emesis but also for his odd sleeping pattern. Other notable performances; Max Orr announcing to the whole Ferry that he was being sick via his melo dramatic noises, Mr Stradwick’s tactics of staring at the horizon and not talking to anyone for the whole journey and finally Piere’s ability to sleep in the children’s play area and refuse to move - stinker! The waters calmed as we reached the South Island, this allowed the tour party to regroup and enjoy the stunning views the last part of the ferry crossing had to offer. The scenery was definitely worth the wait and will stick with us for years to come. This journey of mixed emotions and sense of humour failures was swiftly followed by a five hour bus journey down to Christchurch where we met our Billets for the next couple of nights.