08 Aug 2019
Day 12 - Kean Orchard

Day 12 - Trip down to Balclutha

After two great wins against JM the squad continued south for Balclutha. Before that we visited the dunedin octagon for a 2 hour stop. Highlight of that was getting to try out the Lime Scooters around Dunedin. Before getting our trip properly started we stopped of at a beach in Dunedin where some of the braver members of the squad took a dip in the freezing sea. The drive down was as picturesque as ever, but we could not have been prepared for what met us in Balclutha. We were greeted by a traditional maori welcome, including a haka, traditional songs and a Hongi in which we pressed foreheads and noses with our hosts. It was inspiring way to start our time in Balcutha and an experience which I am sure none of us will we forget. We responded by singing Jerusalem led expertly by Bertie and Mr Lewis, before heading off to our billets.